About Us

Good Game Hunting is a hunting news site that was founded in 2014. It was created to keep people up to date on the latest news in the world of hunting and conservation and is geared toward those with a passion for all things hunting and the great outdoors.

In addition to the reporting of timely news, Good Game Hunting also features many editorials such as useful hunting tips, discussion pieces of the hunting lifestyle, outdoor gear information and reviews, and wild game recipes for the hands on “do it yourself” hunter. Some of the many popular topics that you will see covered here range from (but are not limited to) rifle/bow hunting tips, marksmanship principles, DIY taxidermy, processing harvested meat, and hunting equipment selection/reviews.

Our reviews are written by real hunters who have experience with a variety of equipment. We have some of the best outdoor gear buyers guides you will find on the net. If your looking for a new game camera check out our trail camera reviews. Or you might be in need of climbing tree stand or need to know what the best hunting backpack is.

In addition to general hunting gear, we also have extensive buyers guides and extremely detailed information on firearms and ammunition and the accessories that go with it. For example we cover how to choose a great .22 rifle and how to select the best AR 15 scope.

We employ a team of contributors most of whom are on our writing team and each has a passion for the outdoors with a background in hunting many different types of game, big and small. Each of our writers hail from different parts of the United States and Australia, and we are constantly expanding our writing staff which allows us to cover all the popular hunting regions around the world. If you would like more information on our writers or a specific contributor please feel free to visit our contributors page.

Our #1 goal and the sole purpose for the existence of Good Game Hunting is to keep our readers informed and entertained so that they can get out there and get hunting with complete confidence. If you have any feedback for us or would just like to say hello you can reach out to us using the information found on our contact page.