Australia’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Judge Colin Fassnidge is Under Fire for Hunting Kangaroos

Born in Dublin, Ireland and Australia’s My Kitchen Rules celebrity judge Colin Fassnidge was attending the food and wine event with fellow chefs in regional New South Wales. A handful of chefs including Fassnidge were taken out into the wild by a farmer as he was showing the group that there is a problem with overpopulation of kangaroos in New South Wales.

According to a Channel Seven spokeswoman has stated:

“In the evening the farmer took a smaller group of chefs to observe responsible farming management practices that include the ongoing management to an overpopulation of rabbits, foxes and kangaroos.”

Channel Seven spokeswoman also provided a statement saying:

“Without reservation Colin Fassnidge apologises to anyone offended by images recently posted on his Instagram. It was never his intention to cause any distress.”

Fassnidge is now under scrutiny as he posted some graphic images of the hunted kangaroos on social media. A handful of photos show the dead kangaroos, Fassnidge posing with a shotgun, him wearing a bullet belt as well as others in the group having a laugh. Four of the more gruesome photos have since been taken down as many are outraged by his actions and believe he should lose his gig on MKR Australia.

Nikki Sutterby; President of the Australia Society for Kangaroos said that Fassnidge should lose his role on the reality TV show:

“It’s obvious that he thinks that’s a cool thing to do as part of being a chef.”

Ms Sutterby also stated that:

“One of those kangaroos appears to be shot in the head, face and neck, so potentially we have a cruelty issue here. One of the major concerns is the dependent young that are dying as a result … and the pouch young, by the code of practice, are bludgeoned to death.”

Although he is renowned for his harsh critiquing on My Kitchen Rules alongside Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, he is also known for his successful Sydney restaurants. Since his move to Australia in 1999, he has opened up two restaurants in Sydney; Four in Hand Hotel in Paddington and 4Fourteen in Surry Hills.

Fassnidge currently has a total of 21.9k Instagram followers with many of the photos from his Sydney restaurants.

Below are some images that were posted on Colin’s Instagram account.

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Images from Colin Fassnidge Instagram

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