5 Best Shooting Sticks for Hunting: Reviews

The best shooting sticks provide any shooter with the ability to be much more stable, regardless of firearm size, and far more accurate while in the field. This is obviously a great thing when it comes to challenging shots. Shooting sticks are a great tool for younger hunters, smaller hunters, older hunters, hunters who hunt in the cold, hunters who hike long distances, and essentially anyone who wants to take their hunting game to the next level.

Shooting Sticks


BOG-POD Tac-3 Tactical Tripod Tall

One of the best tripods. Great for elk hunting

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

Great choice for crossbow and deer hunting

Primos Gen 2 Monopod Trigger Stick

Perfect for coyote hunting

Vanguard Scout B62 BiPod V-Shape

One of the lightest and durable sticks

Hammers 39" Bungee Corded Collapsible

Cheap, super light and reliable

Shooting sticks are a very practical tool to have as a hunter, and they can prove to be extremely useful in an array of situations. Imagine if you've been walking for miles, up and down snow dusted hills, tracking, and pushing deer. You slowly crest a hill and far off in the distance, maybe 250 yards out, stands a small group upwind.

You can't tell which, if any, are bucks, but you go prone and attempt to get them in your scope. The problems begin when the grass, protruding from a snowy blanket, wave in front of your line of sight. The wind is blowing the snow around low to the ground which also impedes your vision. You have no choice but to shoot on one knee or standing up. Either way, the task becomes exponentially more difficult, and that's coupled with muscle and cardio fatigue.

Whether you didn't expect to track this far, or you planned on shooting prone, you are now forced to do the opposite. That, and you certainly didn't expect to see a huge 18 point buck meandering amongst a group of doe's, so now you have adrenaline to add to the equation.

It's difficult to plan for EVERYTHING, but there's a point where simple and relatively inexpensive tools should be in every hunter's toolbox. You never know the exact scenario you'll be faced with when hunting, and you'll never know if you'll randomly stumble upon a trophy buck that day. You will want every advantage when that day arrives. Trust me. We've all missed before, but why not be prepared and at least give yourself the best opportunity.

The point is this; shooting sticks are extremely beneficial to shooters of all ages and experience levels, and they come in very handy in virtually any shooting situation while hunting. Best of all, these tools are relatively inexpensive.



Now that the decision has been made to make the purchase, it's time to look at some shooting sticks reviews.

Here are the top five best shooting sticks with prices ranging from 27 to 100 dollars.

BOG-POD TAC-3 Shooting Tactical Tall Tripod

best shooting sticks

Image from Amazon.com

The BOG-POD Tac-3 shooting tripod is a sturdy, user-friendly, and extremely effective tripod. It's three legs telescope out and they have measurement marks so you can quickly adjust to your perfect height on the fly. The legs can extend from 22 inches all the way to 68 inches, which allows a larger demographic of shooters the ability to utilize this tool. The top of the legs also features an insulated non-slip grip for comfortable quiet transportation.

This shooting rest is universal and designed to support anything from a firearm to a camera. The top "V" style rest also has a slip resistant rubber coating to secure firearms, and it's designed to be non-marring so your camera or rifle stock will stay pristine.

Other notable features include a velcro strap to secure the legs during travel, a carrying bag that is also weather resistant, feet that are both pads and spikes for stability on any terrain, and it is available in two different sized models to cater to an even larger array of shooters.

Among all the best tripod shooting sticks, the Tac-3 shooting tripod from BOG-POD is a fantastic choice. It is also among the best shooting sticks for elk hunting because of the rugged reliability, ease of use, lightweight design, and overall performance when it comes to accuracy.

For a hundred dollars, you cannot go wrong.

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

best shooting sticks for deer hunting and crossbow

Image from Amazon.com

The Dead Shot Field pod by Caldwell is an absolute beast in the shooting sticks world. Caldwell, once again delivering a superb product, has created one of the most stable shooting sticks on the market. This is due to the front and rear rests for both the front and rear stock of any gun or crossbow. This is surprisingly versatile considering it can offer unprecedented shooting assistance. It's very lightweight, at only five pounds, and it has multiple modes of adjustment for easy target acquisition.

It has an innovative design that allows for both easy adjustments and easy set-up and tear-down. It folds up nicely and comes with a shoulder carrying strap for greater mobility. That and its high-grade aluminum design also helps make it lighter and overall creates a more durable tool.

The Dead Shot Field Pod is one of the best shooting sticks for crossbow hunting due to its unique design, but it is also arguably among the best shooting sticks for deer hunting as well. This is of course due to the accuracy it gives and the fact it can support nearly the entire weight of your rifle while you wait for the trophy buck to come walking through your line of sight. It's also great for deer hunting because it's ideal for shooters sitting on the ground or in a chair with height adjustments that range from 20 inches to 42 inches.

Great for any hunter to take their accuracy to the next level or to simply make the job a little easier, the Dead Shot Field Pod is the top of the line for a great price.

Primos Gen 2 Monopod Trigger Stick

primos trigger stick

Image from Primos.com

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this shooting stick, because it offers much more than you might think in a relatively small package. This monopod, or single leg shooting stick, has some incredible features that make this tool a must own for all types of hunters. At right around fifty dollars, it's very affordable too.

The Primos Trigger Stick Gen2 has a swivel yoke that turns a full 360 degrees and is in the shape of a "V" for holding firearms securely. It can also be removed and adjusted to fit rangefinders, scopes, binoculars, and even cameras. Combined with an updated handle for more fluid movements, these features make finding your target quiet, smooth, and quick.

The handle also has a trigger that when activated extends the leg silently to the ground to maximize aiming and shooting speed. The leg is made from lightweight but durable 7075 aluminum, and the tip of the leg features a jagged bottom to grip any surface. Because the Primos Gen 2 Trigger Stick is lightweight, durable, and extremely efficient when it comes to setting up and getting a quick clean shot off, this is one of the best shooting sticks for coyote hunting.

At about fifty dollars, this is a shooting stick is far worth the investment and will prove to outperform any and all expectations.

Vanguard Scout B62 Bi-Pod with V-Shaped Yoke

best bipod shooting sticks

Image from Amazon.com

When it comes to the best bipod shooting sticks, the Scout B62 from Vanguard is among the top. Featuring two quiet telescoping legs joined together by a non-marring rubber "V" yoke that can swivel 360 degrees for superb target acquisition and rifle mobility. The legs are made from a strong aluminum alloy to be strong and lightweight. They also have a limited spread due to the strap connecting them to ensure quick set up and firm stability.

Other notable features include the rubber tipped legs to ensure grip on virtually any surface, durable foam handgrips to make long walks more comfortable, and it can extend up to 62 inches which are great for taller hunters or even standing shots.

Weighing in at barely over 1 pound, the Vanguard B62 is one of the lightest and most durable shooting sticks available.

Hammers 39" Bungee Corded Collapsible Shooting Stick

shooting sticks reviews

Image from Amazon.com

If you want the lightest and most basic shooting sticks without sacrificing performance, the bungee corded collapsible shooting sticks from Hammers is what you want. The legs pull apart and go together similar to tent sticks, bound together by a bungee cord. This ensures a quick setup and allows these sticks to break down to 14 inches from 39 inches.

The top of the sticks are coated with a non-marring rubber to help secure firearms and the bottom tips are made from carbide steel to help secure the sticks on any surface. The legs themselves are made from a durable lightweight aluminum tubing to ensure a long life.

Overall if you're looking for shooting sticks that are relatively cheap, super lightweight and reliable, the Hammers bungee corded shooting sticks are a great choice.


Regardless of the conditions, or if your hands are shaking from cold, adrenaline, or fatigue, the best shooting sticks will keep you on target. Perfect for any type of shooter or hunter, they are as convenient as they are practical because they are lightweight, easy to transport, and deliver superb results. It doesn't matter the level of stability you require, there is most certainly shooting sticks out there for you.

So why wait? Click on any of the links above, and get yours today. See the results and feel the shakes disappear as you line up that 18 point buck.

Thanks for reading!

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