15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Hunters & Huntress’

Finding a good gift for the day you’re supposed to show your love and support for the person who means the most can make for a cocktail of stress. If you’d rather enjoy your holiday instead of racking your brain for Valentine’s gift ideas for hunters, you’ve come to the right place!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Men tend to be easier to shop for. Most men like useful things that they don’t care enough to buy themselves. This can mean replacing a tired worn out knife sheath with a customized new one, a new item that fixes a pet peeve or any number of little things that solve problems in the outdoors. Most women seem to kind of understand this because every guy has a pile of blankets women have gotten them over the years.

1. Something He Needed Anyway​

valentines day gift idea for hunters

This goes without saying but if a guy is constantly complaining about something he has, especially if he uses it often, he wants it fixed. The question is, how important is that piece of gear. If you get him the upgrade he wanted, hell think of you every time he uses it.

Even small things like boot laces, waterproof stuff sacks, knife sheaths, sharpening stones or general gear will become a cherished heirloom if you take notice and replace it.

Here are some great ideas:​

2. Personalized Equipment

valentines day gifts for hunters

Image from Etsy.com

Customs shops abound online these days and with a little prior planning you can get a guy a useful piece of kit made special because you put his name or a message on it. Knives, packs, stuff sacks, lighters, and ball caps all make good candidates.

A simple name goes a long way with men, if the message is too sappy he may not actually use the item at the deer camp in front of his buddies.

Check out Etsy.com for some great personalized hunting fits such as the knives pictured above.​

3. External Phone Charger​

phone charger

Cell phones are so ubiquitous now that we have technology available to keep them charged every moment of every day, outlet location be damned. This is a great gift for an outdoorsman because most wouldn’t buy it for themselves but it is extremely useful.

Some models will even let you customize the case by getting it engraved or accepting a picture of the two of you, a perfect valentines gift! Opt for a model that is hardened and waterproof, but still light enough he won’t leave it behind and make sure to remind him he doesn’t have an excuse not to text you anymore!

The Pocket Juice 4000 Camo is a great choice.​

4. Hunting Only Blanket & Case​

This is a bit of an odd ball but is perfect for when the two of you guys go hunting. Getting a camo colored blanket, with a scent proof case means you’ll always have a blanket to use that’s scent free when you two go into the field.

Some guys may balk at having a blanket on stand, but if he has one that is ready to go with the same scent control regimen he uses for his clothes he’ll use it during late season hunts when the temperature drops.

Here's are great choices:

5. Deer Themed Jewelry

deer themed jewelry

Too many guys are afraid to rock a bracelet or a necklace for fear of being too feminine. I say, look for appropriate jewelry that has meaning or a story behind it. A vintage watch, customized leather band or engraved stainless bracelet is a great start.

Men tend not to wear rings unless they're married so I’d shy away from getting one for valentine’s day. Avoid too much bling and keep it classy. Antler styled jewelry for men, is especially popular with hunters and can be sourced easily online.

Some great antler and skull necklaces to check out:​

6. Custom Hunting Beer Carrier

custom hunting beer carrier present

Image from Etsy.com

If your special someone loves drinking beer then this Custom Hunting Beer Carrier is the perfect gift. He can use it to take out in the field or just keep it in his man-cave. The personalized touch will make it extra special and you can be sure his hunting buddies will be jealous of this one. ​

7. Hunting Picture on Wood (Instead of Framed)​

hunting picture on wood

Image from Etsy.com

Does he have some great pictures with his trophies? If so getting those images custom made on wood is the perfect unique gift for him on Valentine's Day.​

Check it out here.​

8. Hunting Camo Boxer Shorts or Swim Trunks​

camo boxers

Every man needs a fresh pair of underwear. What hunter wouldn't love a pair of camo boxer shorts.​ Legendary Whitetails Midnight Timber Boxer Shorts not only look awesome but are super comfortable and practical too.

camo swim trunks

If you find that you've done the underwear thing to death with your loved one, then you can always go for some swimmers. Legendary Whitetail also make the best kind. Check out the God's Country Camo Lakeside Swim Shorts.​

For the Huntress

Buying gifts for women can be much easier than men make it out to be. Many women just want to feel like their man cares. Personalized gifts do extremely well, and so do replacing things she complained about previously or said she liked on TV in passing. I normally recommend useful gifts because they stick around, and they get appreciated more and more every time they get used.

9. Woods Camo Comforter Set​

woods camo comforter set

Your huntress will absolutely love cuddling with you under these.​ A bedding set is not only romantic but also a practical gift that will get great use in the bedroom every day. It's a great way to switch up the boring bedding normally used. Regal Comfort has a whole bunch of shades to choose from. The Woods Pink Camo Set is a great choice for her.

10. Pajamas/Nightwear​

valentine's day gift for huntress

Women like to be comfortable all the time. A full-length pair of pajamas is a great way to make sure they are. Camo colored pajamas are available all over the place now a days but make sure you get a nice set that can be used. If you get them for her, they’ll be used often and the last thing you want is them to fall apart.

The Camo Diva Night Shirt is a good start.

11. Long Underwear

long underwear

In the same token, look for long underwear for her to wear when you guys go into the field. Turkey season can be cold in the early weeks so there’s still time to get some use in before next season and if you get a nice fleece or wool set you’ve laminated the weather as a reason she doesn’t want to go.

RealTree make great undergarments. Check out the Interlock Baselayer Thermal Top.​

12. Hunting Memories Photo Album​

hunting memories photo album

Women take all kinds of pictures these days and the best thing you can do to show her that it isn’t as annoying as it really is, is to hijack her phone and print out the pictures of your guys’ adventures and put them into a themed photo album.

Write something sweet inside (google can help here) and then give it to her and go over every picture inside. It’s a ton of fun to put together and to go over but make sure you start early. Don’t wait until the last minute and rush putting this together. Top recommendations:

13. Camo Jacket

Image from deergear.com

Women like to steal jackets, if you need yours back get her one she can call her own. If she likes wearing a jacket because camo is fashion to her then buy a coat that she can wear out and about. Unless she has her eye on a certain brand, don’t spend the extra for scent control or for DWR coating and don’t worry so much about 4-way stretch or how quiet the fabric is.

Look for a durable, comfortable and stylish jacket she can wear out and think of you while she has it on. A great stylish jacket is the Hideaway Realtree Pink Camo Hoodie from Legendary Whitetails.

14. Matching Outdoor Rings​

matching outdoor rings

If you’re engaged or married, then this is a cute way to protect your wedding bands if you’re in the field a lot. Silicone rings are available in a ton of colors including camouflage that is a sweet gift for a serious couple.

If you need to know her ring size and don’t want to ask her, steal one of her lesser used rings and measure it. You can then look up the size per the diameter online. These rings are typically not “proposal” quality unless you know for sure that she’ll dig it, so I wouldn’t get one of these right out. Reason being, they don’t last forever the way a precious metal ring will.

15. Hunting Themed Jewelry

antler necklace

Jewelry is always a safe bet for women, and they will always find a way to wear it. Look for a way to incorporate it into her love of hunting and the outdoors into her jewelry. Hunting themed necklaces can be antler inlayed with gemstones, are available.

There are traditional precious metal pendants in the shapes of antlers and game animals. If she took her first game animal of a certain species this past season, look for something representing that milestone. Matching necklaces sound a little feminine but can mean a lot so look for a set you can both live with. Any way you go about it this is a very safe bet. Just look for something elegant and beautiful first, and then something that incorporates hunting and outdoors second.

BONUS:​ Romantic Hunting Trip

romantic hunting trip getaway for 2

This is probably the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for either him or her. Every hunter and huntress enjoys most of all being out in the field. Booking a getaway for just the 2 of you, preferably a new destination will be both fun and romantic. Look for a nice cabin in the woods or lakeside and for it to be as remote as possible. As long as you are in the great outdoors together experiencing the beauties of nature!​

The Final Tip:​

Order early! Many websites where you order won’t have the same level of urgency that they observe at Christmas so order at least two weeks before so you don’t disappoint your sweetheart. If you’re having trouble coming up with Valentine's Day gift ideas for a hunter then see what they use, and look for a way to add a sweet message and show how thoughtful you are. If they’re truly your sweetheart then do your best and don’t worry about it.

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