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Are you a hunter? Do you have tips, how-to’s and knowledge you want to share with the Good Game Hunting community?

Good Game Hunting are accepting contributing writers with passion and an expertise in the field of hunting and outdoor gear, to contribute interesting and well written articles to help other hunters.

*Currently, we are looking for in-depth articles and reviews on hunting related gear and equipment only.

Why Write for Good Game Hunting

1. Exhibit Your Knowledge. 

You get to write about what you love and showcase your knowledge on these topics. This could be great to build your writing portfolio and position yourself as an expert in the outdoors and hunting industry.

​2. Help Others

Here at Good Game Hunting, we believe in providing our audience with the best possible information related hunting. Your tips, knowledge, and recommendations on particular hunting related products will help other hunters make informed ​buying decisions.

3. Self Promotion

If you own a blog/website, or social media accounts that you would like to promote you can include these in your bio with a link directing people to your desired pages.​

4. Make Money

As a contributor to Good Game Hunting you will receive payment for each article or review you submit. Payment is dependent on the amount of words submitted and starts at $20 for 1000 words. Many of the articles required are beyond 7000 words so you can expect to earn over $80 per article in some instances. ​


Here's a sneak peak at what it looks like to be a contributor at Good Game Hunting. Make sure you like what you see before applying 🙂

How it Works

    • ​You will login to a dashboard where there will be a list of topics (mainly hunting related products, for example: "Selecting the Best Deer Hunting Rifle").
    • Each of these topics will contain details of how many words are required for that topic, specific words to be included in the article, advice on things to include on that topic, and the amount that will be paid.
    • You choose which topics/articles you would like to write about from the list
    • You then login to the Good Game Hunting dashboard and write the article as yourself
    • Our editorial team may decide to make a few changes to your article if we feel this is required. This is to further engage the Good Game Hunting audience and you should be in no way offended by this

Guidelines & Terms

  • Articles must be unique and have not been published elsewhere
  • Occasionally you may be asked to do minor revisions before an article is approved
  • Payments are made once a month on the 15th for the total of all articles that have been approved by the editor at that time
  • Payments are made per article and through PayPal (as goods or services) so you will need a PayPal account
  • Once your article has been approved and published, you agree that Good Game Hunting becomes the sole owner of all copyright and rights related to the content
  • At this moment there are no long term contracts, so we may stop requiring articles at any given time
  • Willingness to source relevant images and provide attribution, create tables and formatting to your article is a bonus

How to Apply

Simply drop us an email at [email protected]goodgamehunting.com and our team will review your application and get back to you if we find you are a good fit!

In your application please provide the following details:

  • Subject: "Write for GGH"​
  • Briefly tell us a little about yourself and your experience with hunting.​
  • Describe what type of hunting products you feel you would best be able to review/write about. Examples of what we are looking for are optics (rifles scopes, binoculars, red dot sights, etc), trail cameras, crossbows and compound bows, hunting attire (boots, vests, etc).
  • Also tell us what exact hunting related products you own or have had personal experience with that you could contribute a review for?
  • Attach or link to any previous articles you have written.
  • Let us know how many articles you are able to submit each week.​

You will be asked to do a paid sample article with instructions to begin with. (Good Game Hunting will own the rights to this sample once payment has been made)

And thats it!

*Please note we are only able to accept a select few people at this stage. If you are not selected, we will keep your details and as more opportunities arise we may contact you in the near future.​

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